• 主演:约翰·莱斯利,乔伊·塞尔文,保罗·托马斯,Rudy,Graham,Blair,Harris,Carla,Harwood,Angela,Haze,Kristine,Heller,Amber,Hunt,Turk,Lyon,Lyn,Cuddles,Malone,Sandy,Pinney,Otis,Sistrunk,琳达·王
  • 导演:亚历克斯·德·阮泽
办公室爆乳女秘囗交 Alex de Renzy (FEMMES DE SADE, PRETTY PEACHES) was one of the greatest directors of adult films ever, his career starting in the late 60s and preceeding well into the 90s. So saying that BABY FACE, stands as his crowning achievement is no small praise. This ranks as one skinflick that truly has it all, a complete storyline, fine production, and a couple of decent acting performances and some of the hottest sex scenes ever assembled in a single movie. Big, lumbering Dan Roberts stars as the hapless construction worker who has to go into hiding following his seduction of underage but willing Priscilla (Lyn Cuddles Malone) which incurs the wrath of her religious fanatic of a man. After a near-fatal accident leaves him unconsciously drifting in the bay, he is saved by fan favorites Amber Hunt (FIONA ON FIRE) and Linda Wong (SWEET CAKES) who clean him up and then so办公室me. Hunt comes up with the brilliant idea of taking him to the Training Camp, a b办公室rothel catering exclusively for rich women and run by her aunt, affectionately referred to as the Champ. This fancy cathouse provides the perfect backdrop for the movies myriad sexual situations, 办公室nearly all of them handled with great style and enthusiasm by cast and filmmaker al爆乳女秘囗交ike, shot through with a wickedly subversive humor. Standout scenes include gentle giant Roberts tender initiation of the eager Malone, their contrast in size providing an instant thril爆乳女秘囗交l all by itself, and the late great Kristine Heller taking on pretty much all the guys present in what has to stand as the single greatest gang bang sequence ever committed to film or video.